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Credentialed bookkeeping services for businesses based in Washington, DC and beyond.

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Reliable bookkeeping for Washington, DC businesses.

Here's how the bookkeeping services work.

Weekly transaction coding.

Keep financial info up-to-date with weekly transaction imports into your accounting software.

Monthly reporting package.

Know how your business is performing with financial reports delivered to your inbox monthly.

Financials ready for taxes.

Make tax season stress-free with financials that you can rely on for tax compliance.

Build a seamless financial reporting infrastructure.

Not using accounting software? No problem. We’ll set up QuickBooks Online for your business. Already using QuickBooks? We'll review your subscription before starting the bookkeeping services.


Level up your business with good bookkeeping.

Stay out of the weeds and work on your business (instead of in it).

Understand profitability.

Uncover key revenue and expense drivers to improve the profitability of your business.

Plan for tax liabilities.

With up-to-date books, know your tax liability in advance and avoid surprises.

Track & control cash flows.

Uncover key revenue and expense drivers to improve the profitability of your business.

Unlock time for deep work.

Get out of the weeds and focus on strategic projects that move your business forward.


Your Washington, DC business deserves the best bookkeeper.

Gain peace of mind by working with a knowledgeable and honest bookkeeper.

"Christian is a godsend when it comes to finance and accounting. My life is simpler with Christian by my side and my business has become infinitely stronger as a result."

Trever Faden
Trever Faden
Software Developer

"Taxes and accounting makes me anxious, but Christian makes them easy to understand. He's literally the best accounting pro I've worked with to date."

Julia Zave
Julia Zave

"Christian delivers consistent nuts and bolts services and adds strategic input to every conversation. He has gone above and beyond to support my business - great to have him on my roster!"

Willie Hartman
Willie Hartman

Tax & accounting support - all in one place.

Unlock efficiency with a comprehensive solution for your back-office.


Tax-ready financials and monthly reports to keep you informed about financials.

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Accurate, on-time tax returns and help minimizing next year's taxes.

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CFO Support

Be proactive about cash flow and strategy with support from a fractional CFO.

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Automated payroll and tax-advantaged employee benefits.

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Why Washington, DC businesses like Augur CPA.

Augur CPA is an adaptable, trustworthy solution for your financial back-office.

Holistic & personalized expertise.

Get quick & thoughtful responses from a single point-of-contact who understands the full picture of your personal and business finances.

Remote & virtual service delivery.

Work from anywhere with a virtual CPA firm.  You’ll never need to drop off paper at your accountant’s office, saving you time and money.

Forward-looking approach.

Avoid surprises with proactive tax planning and fractional CFO services that rely on bookkeeping for the foundational data source.

Flexible implementation.

Build the exact bookkeeping solution your business needs through an in-depth implementation process that captures the specifics of your processes.


Comprehensive service plans for your Washington, DC business.

Don't overpay for the expertise your business needs to grow.


Bookkeeping to lay the groundwork for growth.

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USD / mo


Monthly Financials


Dedicated Bookkeeper


Unlimited CPA Support


Maximize Business Deductions


Bookkeeping + tax strategy to accelerate growth.

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USD / mo


Everything in Basic


Business Tax Returns


Automated Payroll


Tax Strategy Implementation


A custom finance stack for mature businesses.

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Everything in Core


CFO-Level Expertise


Specialized Accounting


Concierge Tax Support

Frequently Asked Questions

More FAQs
How do the accounting and bookkeeping services work?

The accounting and bookkeeping services are designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Here's how they work:

  • Initial Consultation - We start with a free initial consultation to understand your business, its financial pain points, and identify potential solutions.

  • Customized Implementation Plan - Based on our initial discussion, we develop an implementation plan that addresses your pain points and fits into your budget.

  • Software Implementation - We'll set up your financial infrastructure, including the accounting, payroll and other integrations needed to perform the ongoing accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

  • Ongoing Financial Operations - We'll provide ongoing accounting and bookkeeping support to ensure your financials are accurate and up-to-date. This includes daily or weekly transaction import, monthly account reconciliations, and other tasks.

  • Periodic Financial Reporting - Whether its weekly flash reporting, monthly financials, or the year-end tax package, we'll provide periodic reporting  so that you always have reliable financial information available.

  • Growth & Scalability - As your business grows, our services can be scaled to accommodate new challenges and opportunities, ensuring financial management at every stage of your business growth.

Our goal is to make your accounting and bookkeeping as efficient and hassle-free as possible, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

What accounting software do you work with?

We work exclusively with QuickBooks Online. If you're not already using QuickBooks Online, we'll setup a subscription for your business before beginning the accounting & bookkeeping services.

Do you support accrual method accounting?

Yes, however accrual method accounting may or may not be right for your business. Accrual method can provide more useful financial reporting but it comes with increased costs due to the additional effort required. There are tax considerations as well. Additional discussion is needed to assess the relative disadvantages and advantages of accrual versus cash method accounting.

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