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Augur CPA provides tax, accounting & CFO services. Tax services includes tax return preparation, tax planning, and tax consultations. Accounting services include bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and other activities supporting the financial reporting cycle. CFO services include cash flow forecasting, financial modeling, budgeting, and business coaching.


Augur CPA is based in the Washington, DC area and serves clients across the United States. As a tech-forward & virtual firm, it utilizes cloud-based software in all its service offerings. It meets with clients over video or phone calls. Clients send us documents by uploading them through our secure client portal.


Augur CPA serves individuals and businesses in the arts, entertainment, professional services and other industries. Our ideal client is looking for an all-in-one finance partner whom they can rely on for strategic advice about growing their business. We like working with clients who are forward-thinking, collaborative, communicative, and compassionate.


Augur CPA began as a consultancy in 2020 that helped founders launch and grow businesses. To facilitate its goal of being a long-term strategic advisor, it began to offer accounting and tax services as a means to control the financial reporting processes that generated the information on on which strategic decisions were made. The firm's name changed from strategy.meld to Augur CPA as part of its evolution into a CPA firm.

What does "augur" mean?

To augur is to foretell future events using signs from the present. Augur CPA helps clients implement an accounting infrastructure that generates reliable and timely financial information. We then use this information in other services, such as tax planning and cash flow forecasting, to deliver insights about the client's financial future.



Christian Putnam, CPA

Founder /CEO

As a proud third generation accountant, Christian's professional background includes various finance roles at large companies, a non-profit, and a startup. He’s an avid consumer of books, television, and music. He's a graduate of Virginia Tech and lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife.


Core Principles

Creativity over commodity.

As automation technologies proliferate, accounting services will increasingly commoditize. To be unique, we offer a customizable and personalized service while also maintaining a highly automated, digital, and consistent service.

Actionable insights.

Accounting shouldn’t be on auto-pilot. It generates financial data, a valuable asset for financial planning. Our goal is to provide a service that provides actionable financial information throughout the year, not just at tax-time.

Digital mindset.

Digitization is the process of creating machine-readable information. In the age of machine learning and AI, digitization is a necessity to be competitive (it also minimizes your ecological footprint). Digitization is, therefore, a core feature of our services.

Tech-forward solutions.

Business problems are solved by deploying the right people, tools, and knowledge to a particular situation. A good accountant should stay abreast of cutting-edge technology in order to deploy software that will make a process more efficient.

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