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Unlock time, pay less tax, and gain peace of mind around your business finances.

"Christian is a godsend when it comes to finance and accounting. My life is simpler with Christian by my side and my business has become infinitely stronger as a result."

Trever Faden
Trever Faden
Software Developer

"Taxes and accounting makes me anxious, but Christian makes them easy to understand. He's literally the best accounting pro I've worked with to date."

Julia Zave
Julia Zave

"Christian delivers consistent nuts and bolts services and adds strategic input to every conversation. He has gone above and beyond to support my business - great to have him on my roster!"

Willie Hartman
Willie Hartman

Supporting creative endeavors of all kinds.

We help entrepreneurial creatives achieve financial sustainability for their artistic projects.


A single solution for your financial needs.


Tax-ready financials and monthly reports to keep you informed about financials.

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Accurate, on-time tax returns and help minimizing next year's taxes.

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CFO Support

Be proactive about cash flow and strategy with support from a fractional CFO.

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Automated payroll and tax-advantaged employee benefits.

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Eliminate financial guesswork.

Solid accounting is key to a thriving business. By systematizing processes and implementing the right team and tech, you'll build an infrastructure that outputs reliable financial data, providing a foundation for proactive financial planning.


Get a roadmap for growing your business.

Get the basics right.

Establish solid fundamentals with bookkeeping, annual tax returns, and payroll.

Develop internal systems.

Develop a reporting infrastructure with the right people, processes, and software.

Optimize for taxes.

Predict taxes in advance and implement tax-saving strategies to maximize income.

Control & predict cash flows.

Align cash flow realities with growth plans to meet objectives along your roadmap.

Focus on strategic work.

Building a successful business isn't easy. You need to keep money flowing in while staying on top of administrative tasks. By outsourcing finance work to a professional, you'll unlock time for refining your skills and gain the peace of mind that facilitates creative flow.


Year-round peace of mind around your business finances.

Monthly financials

Annual tax returns

Set goals and track progress

Tax strategies & planning


Build a seamless finance infrastructure.

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