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Get reliable monthly financials to make informed decisions about your business finances.

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Fractional CFO & Accounting

Reliable financials, delivered monthly.

The financial intelligence you need to make informed business decisions.

"Christian is a godsend when it comes to finance and accounting. My life is simpler with Christian by my side and my business has become infinitely stronger as a result."

Trever Faden
Trever Faden
Software Developer

"Taxes and accounting makes me anxious, but Christian makes them easy to understand. He's literally the best accounting pro I've worked with to date."

Julia Zave
Julia Zave

"Christian delivers consistent nuts and bolts services and adds strategic input to every conversation. He has gone above and beyond to support my business - great to have him on my roster!"

Willie Hartman
Willie Hartman
What you get

Offload accounting to a professional.

Let an experienced accounting professional manage your books.


Spend your time on strategic work, not accounting tasks.


Eliminate the uncertainty from setting up and managing payroll.

CFO Support

Manage cash flows and build wealth with a growth partner.

How it works

Build a finance infrastructure that scales with you.

Ongoing strategic support from a finance expert.

Step 1: Set up an accounting system.

First, you'll get a fresh QuickBooks subscription customized for your business. If you already have a subscription, we'll confirm that it's optimally set up.

  • Configuring accounting software.
  • Integrating with 3rd party apps.
  • Training on relevant features.
  • Cleanup of historical transactions.

Your business will be equipped with best-in-class accounting tech.

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2: Get clean financials monthly.

You'll get an experienced bookkeeper to keep QuickBooks up-to-date. You'll also get an accounting process that provides timely and reliable financial information.

  • Importing & categorizing transactions.
  • Reconciling accounts to bank statements.
  • Specialized or custom accounting.
  • Tax-ready financials at year-end.

Step 3: Ongoing support & expertise.

Get input on strategy and tactics when you need it. You'll also receive proactive feedback on opportunities to improve processes or mitigate compliance risk.

  • Meetings with an advisor.
  • Ongoing tax compliance reviews.
  • Input on goal setting & strategy.
  • Tax projections & planning.
Step 3
Financial reporting

Make data-driven business decisions.

Use actionable information from your accounting system to answer the questions that grow your wealth.

"Where can I cut expenses?"

Monitor your top spending categories and highest paid vendors to increase cash flow.

"Who owes me revenue?"

Find the holes in your revenue process and take corrective action to improve your profit margins.

"How much tax will I pay?"

Project your tax liabilities and develop a payment plan to avoid a surprise tax bill and penalties.

"How can I pay less tax?"

Develop a plan to pay less tax using strategies to avoid or defer taxes to a future year.

"What KPIs should I track?"

Track the key metrics that reveal the underlying health of your business.

"Christian is a consummate professional who makes me wonder why I didn’t get an accountant years ago. He took the guesswork out of setting up my business for success. He's responsive, thorough, and accurate, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to everyone I know."
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Sarah Friedman-Cintron
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