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"Christian is a godsend when it comes to finance and accounting. My life is simpler with Christian by my side and my business has become infinitely stronger as a result."

Trever Faden
Trever Faden
Software Developer

"Taxes and accounting makes me anxious, but Christian makes them easy to understand. He's literally the best accounting pro I've worked with to date."

Julia Zave
Julia Zave

"Christian delivers consistent nuts and bolts services and adds strategic input to every conversation. He has gone above and beyond to support my business - great to have him on my roster!"

Willie Hartman
Willie Hartman
What you get

Year-round tax support and planning.

Gain confidence that your taxes are accurate and optimized.

Tax Filings

Unlock time and peace of mind by hiring an expert.

Tax Projections

Avoid a surprises by knowing your taxes in advance.

Tax Strategies

Pay less tax with tried-and-true tax savings strategies.

annual tax filings

Offload your tax returns to a pro.

Save time & get peace of mind by working with a professional.

Partnerships & Corporations

The tax laws for partnerships & corporations are complex—to say the least. By having the same CPA do your business & personal tax returns, savings opportunities & compliance issues are more likely to be identified.

Individuals & Sole Proprietors

Busy entrepreneurs are often surprised when filing their tax return. Whether it’s self-employment taxes, retirement savings, or something else, work with a trusted tax advisor to to stay IRS compliant and minimize your tax bill.

tax savings strategies

Pay less tax the right way.

Avoid or defer taxes with tried-and-true strategies specifically for business owners.

Entity Selection

Selecting the optimal legal entity for your business can yield significant tax savings.

QBI Optimization

Your QBI deduction can be optimized by pulling various levers within your business.

Retirement Savings

Contribute to the optimal retirement account that maximizes your tax savings.

Tax Credits

Confirm your eligibility for R&D, employee retention, and other tax credits.

Employee Benefits

Take advantage of benefits tax strategies that are often overlooked.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to file a personal tax return?
When is my personal tax return due?
What if I haven't filed a return in a while?


Do I file as self-employed or as a business?
When is my business tax return due?
Who pays taxes on my business income?
Do you work with C Corporations?
What type of tax return does my business need to file?


What if I can't file my tax return before the due date?
How long does it take to file my return?
What price should I expect to pay?
Why should I hire a tax preparer?
"Christian is a consummate professional who makes me wonder why I didn’t get an accountant years ago. He took the guesswork out of setting up my business for success. He's responsive, thorough, and accurate, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to everyone I know."
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