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Empower creativity with financial intelligence.

We enable the creative process by unlocking time for deep work and providing peace of mind. Our tax, accounting & fractional CFO services help you achieve stability, pay less tax, and better understand the finances of your music & entertainment business.

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Make better business decisions with reliable financial data.

Gain clarity and peace of mind around your business finances.

All-in-one solution.

Unlock efficiency with tax, accounting, & payroll services from a single partner.

Year-round support.

Get financial insights from your accountant all year long, not just at tax time.

Forward-looking approach.

Be proactive about your financial future with tax planning and CFO services.

Financial expertise for the music & entertainment industry.

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Your all-in-one financial back-office.

Streamline and simplify your financial operations with an integrated solution.


Tax-ready financials and monthly reports to keep you informed about financials.

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Accurate, on-time tax returns and help minimizing next year's taxes.

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CFO Support

Be proactive about cash flow and strategy with support from a fractional CFO.

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Automated payroll and tax-advantaged employee benefits.

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"Christian is a consummate professional who makes me wonder why I didn’t get an accountant years ago. He took the guesswork out of setting up my business for success. He's responsive, thorough, and accurate, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to everyone I know."
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