Minimum Hourly Rate Calculator

Charging customers an adequate price ensures that you're earning enough to support your personal and business expenses. As a self-employed individual, your career longevity depends on whether or not you can sustain yourself and your business financially.

However, calculating your minimum rate is not always easy. It requires estimating personal and business expenses, as well as taxes and your availability for a given year.

By using this free calculator, you can charge your clients a rate supports your financial needs. You'll then be able to price your proposals from a position of strength, because you know exactly how much you must get paid to build a sustainable career.

Minimum Hourly Rate Calculator
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What you'll get:

  • A personal budget template.
  • A business budget template.
  • An estimate of the total taxes you'll pay.
  • A calculation of hourly, weekly, and monthly minimum rates.

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