Bookkeeping for property managers

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Bookkeeping services for your business.

Be a property manager, not a bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping diverts time from growth tasks, such as property inspections, screening tenants, and acquiring new properties. Even worse, bad bookkeeping leads to mismanaged client & tenant funds, inaccurate tax returns, and uncollected leasing fees, all of which create larger problems down the road.

"Christian is a godsend when it comes to finance and accounting. My life is simpler with Christian by my side and my business has become infinitely stronger as a result."

Trever Faden
Trever Faden
Software Developer

"Taxes and accounting makes me anxious, but Christian makes them easy to understand. He's literally the best accounting pro I've worked with to date."

Julia Zave
Julia Zave

"Christian delivers consistent nuts and bolts services and adds strategic input to every conversation. He has gone above and beyond to support my business - great to have him on my roster!"

Willie Hartman
Willie Hartman

Bookkeeping for property managers

Focus on building a better property management firm.

Unlock time for new projects.

Shift your attention to projects that grow your business.

  • Acquire New Properties - Systematize your sales, marketing & business development strategy.
  • Develop Relationships - Acquire new leads from existing property owners, contractors, vendors & other real estate professionals.
  • Add Revenue Streams - Offer maintenance, landscaping, design & other services to capture additional revenues.
  • Automate Processes - improve the efficiency of your property management firm with software.

Track progress toward business goals.

Uncover opportunities to improve your business.

  • Average Rent per Unit - Identify opportunities to generate more income from your portfolio.
  • Average Fee per Unit - Find underperforming properties and renegotiate your fees.
  • M&R Cost per Unit - Identify units requiring more maintenance than others and adjust your rates.
  • Marketing Costs - Know the marketing channels giving you the best return on investment.

Peace of mind through accurate numbers.

Speak confidently about the health of your business.

  • Better Cash Flows - Know your cash position and whether you can cover upcoming expenses.
  • File Accurate Tax Returns - Rest easy knowing your financials are ready for tax season.
  • Acquire Financing - Raise capital by presenting accurate financials to lenders and investors.
  • Comply with Regulations - Avoid government fines and costly legal issues with solid financials.

You need a bookkeeper who understands your property management firm.

Trust Accounting

Adequately segregate client & tenant funds to foster trust with clients and stay compliant with local regulations.

Billable Expenses

Maintain healthy margins with billable expenses accounting, ensuring accurate cost allocation and client invoicing.

Leasing Fees

Maximize revenues and cash flow with leasing fee accounting that shows exactly what you're owed by clients.

Get all-in-one financial support as you grow.


  • Clean, tax-ready financials
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Control over cash flow


  • Initial payroll setup
  • Benefits administration
  • Expense reimbursements


  • Accurate tax filings
  • Proactive tax planning
  • Tax savings strategies

CFO Services

  • Goal setting & prioritization
  • On-demand expertise
  • Process design & automation
"Christian is a consummate professional who makes me wonder why I didn’t get an accountant years ago. He took the guesswork out of setting up my business for success. He's responsive, thorough, and accurate, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to everyone I know."
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Sarah Friedman-Cintron
Agile Coach

A better property management firm is within reach.

Bookkeeping that's actually useful.

Effective bookkeeping empowers property managers with clear financial insights, enabling them to track progress, identify growth opportunities, and make informed decisions to achieve their financial objectives.

A finance team that grows with you.

A full-stack outsourced accounting firm supports your property management business growth with scalable financial solutions, including expert advice on overcoming growth challenges, and tailored strategies to ensure long-term success and profitability.

Tax-ready financials on autopilot.

Excellent bookkeeping prepares your property management business for tax season by maintaining accurate records, saving valuable time and reducing stress, allowing property managers to focus on their core responsibilities with peace of mind.

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